2021 Covid-19 Vaccine Campaign

11 February 2021 - an Update

We are delighted to advise that we anticipate commencing Covid 19 Vaccination in the next 2-3 weeks. This will be strictly on the basis of age only in accordance with national guidelines- no exceptions can be made. How quickly we can move down through the age bands will depend on vaccine availability. We will begin by vaccinating patients over 85 years old, then 80-84, then 75-79 and so on. We do not envisage having any vaccine before late February.

Only patients aged 70 and over can be offered Covid vaccine under current HSE guidelines.

Please do not phone the practice looking for the Covid 19 vaccine. Our phones are extremely busy

Over 70s will be vaccinated at special clinics in the practice and we will contact you to offer you or your older family member an appointment. Please do not contact us seeking an appointment- we will contact you.

Contact will be by text message wherever possible, It would greatly assist us if you could email us on wlmcblackpool@outlook.com to provide us with your mobile phone number (or the name and mobile number of a designated family member) so that we can contact you quickly when our first clinic is being set up.

Thank you